Tíðindi úr Eysturskúlanum

Eftir Ann Thomsen


Faroese Public School 101

Faroese Public School 101

An information session for international parents

As non-Faroese parents, the Faroese Public School system may be unfamiliar and different from what you are used to. You may have learned bits and pieces, but you may not be entirely sure why the school teaches the way it does, what is expected of you as parents of school-aged children, and what secondary school opportunities exist for your children when the primary school comes to an end.

During the information session, we will cover the following topics:

• Faroese Public School system setup
• The school's purpose and its traditions
• Parents’ involvement
• Resources for parents
• Secondary school and folk high school opportunities

Coffee and tea along with refreshments will be provided.

You are welcome to bring your children to the information session.

Where: Skúlin á Fløtum, Tórshavn – in the school canteen.
When: 19.00 – 20.30, 25 August 2021.
Who: This session is for non-Faroese parents of school-aged children in Tórshavn municipality.
Host: Útlendingastovan and Vegleiðingarstovan.